Director + Creative





“James is one of the most unique screen storytellers I’ve worked with. Between his directing, writing and editing work I always know we’ll come out with a superior piece of filmmaking. Beyond that he is kind, creative and patient – the kind of talent you want to have on any set!”

Mallory Norton, Exec. Producer

(Kondo Media/ Marie Kondo)


“I’ve had the unique pleasure of collaborating with James on a variety of projects that span the gamut between art and commerce. James is a true artist and master storyteller. He's capable of wearing many creative hats, and what truly sets him apart from the pack is that he wears them all well.”

Adam bagger, Exec. Producer/md

(yonder content, or)


“James’ distinct creative vision and blend of technical craft is flawless, and he has that constant razor-sharp ability to execute work that is gorgeous, timeless, and continually exceeding expectations. James is one of the most well rounded and intuitive creators I've ever worked with.” 

Harlan Hodges, Freelance Composer

(Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge).